Bosom Friends


Have you read Anne of Green Gables? It was always a favorite of mine growing up. I would sit on the sun porch on my dad’s farm house pretending to be at Green Gables and read the Anne books over and over. Such a huge part of my imagination & childhood can be found in Anne of Green Gables.

Anne had a best friend, you may remember, named Diana Berry. She described her as her kindred spirit – her bosom friend. I was dying for a bosom friend when I was younger. Someone just like Diana (or maybe just like Anne, because let’s face it, I’m much more Diana then Anne). Someone whom I could call my bosom friend.

The problem was, I didn’t totally understand what a bosom friend was. A bosom friend is more than a best friend, but different from a sister. Someone with whom you connect with no effort. A person who just gets you. She accepts your flaws (and might even love you a little more because of them) and adores your strengths. A friend who will always be a part of your life, no matter what. A bosom friend has that indescribable quality that just makes them, simply, a bosom friend.

I have good friends, great friends, and best friends. I have some of the most lovely people in my life – people whom I am lucky to know. People who I care about deeply, and people who care just as deeply for me. Some really amazing friends. And, as I realized yesterday, I finally have a bosom friend. And I’m SO lucky for that. Not everyone gets a bosom friend.

Do you have one?

xoxo, Mallory

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9 thoughts on “Bosom Friends

  1. […] I have this friend, Amy. (Yes, this same friend. And this one too.) We’ve been friends for a while, but we don’t live near each other. […]

  2. That first sentence drug me into this post. I used to be obsessed with Anne of Green Gables. I thought I was the only one! I got my tonsils out when I was in the 3rd grade and all I did for days on end while I lay in bed aching was read the books and watch the movie. Literally, over and over. So much so that my mother now can’t stand to see it. Yeah, that much. I don’t actually have a bosom friend. I thought I did, but she ended up just being kind of cruel to me and using me for photography work. It was kind of low. But if anyone is my best friend is my guy. He gets me. I’m so lucky.

  3. Wendy says:

    Yes and those who you can text when pitocin is at 32 (normal max is 20) count a bit extra as they know just what to say!! So thankful to that bosom buddy bunch!!

  4. Amy says:

    Tears. Again. Who knows, maybe I’m pregnant or this cold is just making me doubly sensitive, but I’m so weepy right now. Such a good post. So honored.

  5. I love Anne of Green Gables! Maybe if you’re good, for your birthday I’ll frame a picture of me ON Green Gables just for you 🙂 haha

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