Christmas Shopping


I’m not big on holiday shopping. Don’t get me wrong, when I see something that just screams out to me “Buy me for Justin Timberlake (or someone else in my life)! He will love me!” I go for it. But buying something just to have a present to give is not my jam. I’d much rather make something meaningful, or write a nice letter, or share some Christmas cookies. In fact, one of my friends got a dress from my closet wrapped up in a pretty box last year. I didn’t spend any money on it, but I knew that dress was going to make her happier than anything I could have grabbed on Black Friday.

But the problem is, sometimes I’m lopsided in my gift giving. I find the perfect present for some people, and for others, I just can’t find it. I’m a big fan of finding something that is going to be loved. That might make the favorites list. That means something more than “Hey, it’s Christmas, so I got you these socks.” Unless you wanted socks.

It does not bother me to give a gift to someone and get nothing in return. That is not the reason of the season (though for some reason, it does bother me when someone gives me a gift and I leave them empty handed). My gifts are often given to let the gift recipient that I was thinking of them. And usually, that I love them.

And thus begins the Christmas Present Hunt. Finding the most meaningful gifts for those I adore, making presents with lots of love, and figuring out the balance between meaningful presents and just wanting to let someone know they’re meaningful to me.

What about you? What are you favorite gifts to give (and to get!)?

xoxo, Mallory

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9 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping

  1. Seriously, I’m with you on all of this. I hate how Christmas is all about “getting” these days. I have always adored the art of GIVING with no expectation of receiving. Honestly, I would rather see a smile on someone’s face when they open MY gift than receive a gift from them. I feel uncomfortable when people buy me things, to be honest. Handmade gifts mean the most on both ends, whether I make you something or you make it for me. That way I know you didn’t break the bank on me, and you know I’m thinking of you enough that I spent the time it took to make you that gift. Am I rambling too much? I don’t know. This is how I’ve always felt. And my birthday is in a week and that just brings me to another point. Birthdays are the same to me. I don’t want anyone buying me anything just because I made it one more year. I’m just grateful I’m alive. Christmas is about rejoicing and spending time with the people you care about most. I get (or make!) everyone in my life at least one little thing. In fact, I made nearly everything this year.

    Adding you to my reader. Love your blog.

  2. Great Grandma Mary says:

    My favorite gift of all is Time. Just to spend an afternoon or evening or even just an hour with someone you love is the best! Lunch can be a wonderful to time to catch up life and memories of the past and dreams of the future.

  3. Mom says:

    My favorite gift that I ever found was a magenta sweater for Grandma Great (Smith). She told me about one that she had as a young girl maybe March of that year and I looked the entire year until I found the perfect one. She got a little tear in her eye and I balled like a baby later because I found it 🙂

  4. Kelly P says:

    I agree! I love finding that “perfect” gift for those who are dear to me. This year I’m knitting both my sisters scarves from beautiful baby alpaca wool in styles & colors to suit their tastes. My youngest sister is also getting a cloche hat to match since she tried mine on and said “Can I have this?” (gotta love 8 year olds and their lack of any filter!) I am so excited to give these gifts because they are made with love and I know they’ll be used & loved by the recipients!

  5. jillian says:

    Well said Mallory. It doesn’t matter the price tag of a gift as long as it is something the recipient will love and cherish. I really dislike give gifts just for the sake of having something to give on a specific occasion. My favorite gifts to give and receive are ones that really show love and thoughtfulness. Handmade items top my list. Like secret recipe or mint chocolate chip cookies. And by the way, that dress is one of my favorite things in my closet and knowing it was once yours makes it that much more special. xoxo

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