Top 100 Baby Names


The 2012’s Most Popular Baby Names list has been announced! I always love to look at which names are popular and which names are not popular, and try to figure out why. Am I the only weirdo who does that? A favorite past time of mine (years before I was ever pregnant) was looking up names (favorites, friends, family, etc.) on the Social Security Baby Names list.

Are you favorite names popular? Is yours? Does it bother you when your favorite name becomes too popular? Jack, Madeline, and Henry have all been crossed of the list of my once-favorites because they have all become too popular. For some reason, I don’t want our kids to have popular names. I loved being the only Mallory I knew growing up, and I kind of want that for our kids too. Not that I am going for crazy names to avoid the popularity… but I lean towards names off the list of the most popular.

What about you?

xoxo, Mallory

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9 thoughts on “Top 100 Baby Names

  1. sprout says:

    Yes. Absolutely, yes. Jeff and I collected baby names long before we ever got pregnant. Well, more like i would toss out options and he would shoot them down. For years my top contender for a girl was Evelyn… until the neighbors named their little girl that, along with a friend’s ex and our closest couple friends. Suddenly there were Evelyn’s everywhere, which meant I had to let it go.
    The boy and I both grew up with incredibly common names. And I can’t say it ever bothered me. But I was determined to choose something more unique for my daughter.

  2. Jess says:

    uhm also i want that snow!

  3. Jess says:

    I love Sophie and Isabelle, but I hate Sophia and Isabella. Weird?

  4. Kelly P says:

    We nixed Emma when we were expecting Anna in 2010 because it was really popular (#4 on that year’s list). While Anna was still on the list at #28, we chose it because of the family significance (many “Ann”s to honor/remember but no Anna). I love classic, traditional names but didn’t want my little girl to be one of 10 Emmas in her class! Although, now that we’re considering homeschool, that might be irrelevant!

  5. lyssa says:

    I love both way names for girls! My favorite girl name is Andi. My sister is naming her baby (if it’s a girl) Camryn. I just have a feeling that if we have a girl, she’ll be a tom boy like her mama so what’s wrong with a strong name that could also be a boys, only spelled different? Oh well…Jeremy has already closed the door on the idea. 😦 I’ll have to keep searching.

  6. Zeta says:

    I feel the same way! I’m actually a little sad that I looked at the list because our top pick for a girl name was number 6, and some of our top boy names were on the list, too. I definitely want my kids to have unique names, but since we live in Denmark, I might just pick Lily anyway!

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