Le Nursery

Though you wouldn’t be able to tell by walking through my thoroughly unfinished home, I love design. I love to put together a home in a way that is special to US. To collect pieces over time that all work together to create a space that is cohesive, full of character, and mine. I’m not a fan of going to the store and picking out a collection. Instead, I hunt flea markets and thrift stores, curb shop unashamedly, and supplement with furniture from the big stores I just can’t live without.

So when it came to the nursery, I was ready. I had been dreaming about decorating my kids rooms for years – and it was finally time to put it all in place. So I started collecting. A trunk from the flea market. An original drawing from my dad. A cowhide rug (yes, a cowhide freaking rug). A simple white crib from Ikea. It’s slowly, but surely coming together and it’s quickly becoming my favorite room in the house.

I’m not planning on showing any sneak peaks until it’s all finished (unless you follow me on instagram…) so you won’t be seeing the finished project for a few more weeks. I still have things to make, curtains to hang, storage to create, and a whole lot of character to add, but I’m hoping to have it (semi) finished by Christmas. I’m not that mean though. Today I’m sharing the (terrible quality, seriously guys, buy me Photoshop) inspiration board. And a lot of these actual pieces ended up in the room. So consider this your one and only preview.


Oh goodness, I am seriously embarrassed at the quality of that. Please don’t judge me.

xoxo, Mallory

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5 thoughts on “Le Nursery

  1. Great Grandma Mary says:

    Its going to be great! You have great taste great-grandson will love it.

  2. Wendy says:

    It looks great and you are staying true to you which is key!

    Our “kid room” is a hodge-podge of our lives: loft bed for the big bro when he’s here, free dresser scored when we bought a dresser on KSL, crib we scored for free (Craigs List freebie= recalled= sent in paper work= brand new crib!!!), CL dresser for the Susanna, hub’s trainer and TT bike, free weights, etc.

    There are some wee one things in there, but it’s far from a decorated nursery. One day we hope to have her name done in flower photos I’ve taken, but life will tell. We do have a full library and some pull toys (cow and pig) we found for 40 cents (combined) at a rummage sale.

    As long as she is safe, warm, and loved that’s all that matters! To us…and it means the living space allows for a glider instead of the trainer!

    Good Luck finishing it up!

  3. Amy says:

    I love your style.

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