Corstorphine Abbey

You guys, I have a secret dream. I would do anything to run away to Scotland, buy a giant, old, decrepit building, and turn it into something wonderful. A gorgeous boutique hotel, that I could decorate with warm, red tartan and 12 foot sparkly Christmas trees this time of the year. A place where I could live with my family (and our two Scottish Wolfhounds, because I would have two – Reg and Mac) and work with some great people. An inn that would be so cozy and a breakfast cafe where Jon could show off his mad breakfast skills.

I even have a building and a name picked out: Corstorphine Abbey. I think about this a lot.

What’s your secret dream?

xoxo, Mallory

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4 thoughts on “Corstorphine Abbey

  1. TraceFace says:

    A. To join you
    B. For you, Annie and I to open our wedding boutique in either Maine, Connecticut, PEI or San Fran 🙂

  2. Wendy says:

    My dream is to open and run a free arts community center for all ages. My hub and I have talked about this and we see the need and value. A place where persons of all ages could work on their art, where single parents/guardians could have their child(ren) with them- not in a library= noise at times, where writers could write in silence, etc. Also, where teens could hang out post school and practice their art forms in an accepting and warm atmosphere that is safe.

    Why? We have so much and we’re artists at heart and soul. With the best funding and ops it will be a reality. It already is.

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