33 Weeks

How far along: 33 Weeks.

How big is baby: A little over 4 lbs (a big pineapple!).

Total weight gain: +17/18 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: No way jose.

Sleep: Still pretty awesome… just a few leg cramps.

Best moment of the week: Thanksgiving. What a great day of family, feasting, and fun.

Food Cravings: Corn casserole.

Food Aversions: Walking past a restaurant in New Orleans, the boiled seafood got to me.

Symptoms: Pregnancy brain like crazy. I shipped our Christmas cards to Oklahoma. So much for getting those out early. And the aforementioned leg cramps. Nothing bad at all, but I’ll wake up once or twice with my calves cramping – not seizing up thank goodness, just like I worked them out too hard.

Movement: Bouts and spurts of wiggles, stretches, and dancing followed by long periods of sleep. And still a few kicks and jabs (usually in the morning or evening).

What I’m looking forward to: Getting the nursery done. It’s really coming together. Pictures later!

What I miss: Snowy Christmas.

xoxo, Mallory

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4 thoughts on “33 Weeks

  1. kristen says:

    i just stumbled across this blog – you’re adorable! your style is great. have you ever talked about your clothes/where you shop, etc?

    • Mallory says:

      Thanks Kristen! I don’t usually include any clothes sources, but I should start doing that. Most of my clothes are not maternity, I just swear by a hair tie and a belly band to transform my regular clothes to maternity clothes.

      I’ll start with outfit info next week!

  2. Wendy says:

    Way to Go!!!

    We made it to 40 weeks today! I woke up to our li’l lady climbing the ribs so I let gravity adjust her at 2 am. Glad to know she has the strength and smarts to seek warm comfy areas in her home 🙂

    Hub made my long-time preg dream come reality yesterday! He did a trainer ride in the kids room yesterday and loved the placement of it with the dresser and computer. Now our sweet Susanna will have her Dad providing a great role model and gentle sounds to lull her to sleep, and he will be at peace by being near her! 🙂 (Bonus- there’s a pinch of room for me to lift/do core work/yoga. Family time!)

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