30 Days of Thanks: Day 20

I can’t tell you how much a good OB/midwife/doula can make a difference. I started out in Arkansas with this pregnancy, and I did not like my doctor. I’ll just leave it at that. When we moved to Mississippi, I was nervous about finding a new doctor (and possibly not liking her either). Then I found out I had to change my insurance if I wanted to deliver off base. I decided to check out the hospital and the staff on base before making any changes.

I met and fell in love with my midwife. She is fantastic. Honest, open, and sometimes a little brash, but that is exactly what I want. She listens to me, and knows me as Mallory, not as just another pregnant patient. She jokes and laughs with us, but takes all my concerns and questions seriously. She is fabulous and I completely trust her.

If I could give any expecting couple one piece of advice, it’s to find a healthcare provider who you trust, respect, and LIKE. I’m so thankful for mine.

xoxo, Mallory

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7 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanks: Day 20

  1. Lindsey says:

    Totally agree with you Mallory (and all commenters)! I LOVED, LOVED my doctor and it made my experience so wonderful. She was up front, honest and professional but all the while still very caring and treated us like friends and not patients. I was sad after my six week post baby visit because I won’t see her again until my annual check up almost a year later. I told her I felt like I was losing a friend! But I felt luicky enough to have a doctor I could call a friend! xoxox

  2. Wendy says:

    Boo on your first OB. We, too, were upfront with our practice about our move. They had a rotating crew, but I only saw one doc ever (“Dr. Scary”- not a good visit…) and we loved the NP.

    She thanked the hub for coming, and he responded, “this is my first job” (his schedule allows it to be a reality, thankfully). She was touched.

    I remember asking her about the move and the cross-country trip we took before moving (yes, we drove from VA to TX, stayed for 4 days so hub could do a 70.3, and drove back in 2 days BEFORE moving 60 hours later.

    Her response was, “You’re going to do things you probably shouldn’t. I did, too. Just don’t walk on ladders.” 🙂

    If you and the hub ever wind up in the Manassas-Woodbridge-Quantico-Gainsville area of VA, I would totally recommend this group to you. (Prince William OB/GYN for reference, because you can always search your own blog! 🙂

  3. Mom says:

    I loved the doctor who delivered you!!! The only female OB/GYN that I have ever had but she also treated me as Jill 🙂 Although she was not navy….

  4. Wendy says:

    39wk 1d emotional after reading that.

    We started off in VA with a practice that was HIGHLY recommended to me by 3 co-workers. We had a NP who was the BEST and understood us FULLY. (Her hub was ex-Army and she moved late in 2 pregnancies. She knew US and the little realities of “this” life- which you know!)

    She was kind and compassionate, she supported my healthy life, and she always accepted and encouraged me while being there and fully present with the hub and his part/role/reality- whatever.

    We moved to UT. A practice was recommended. I hated it. HA! It felt like a business. It didn’t feel like “home” like the old one where the billing staff knew us and the nurses cried when we left early.

    Our OB was not chosen by us. There are 8 or so in the practice. You see one and his/her nurse and that’s it.

    About 4 weeks ago, our OB said/did something(s) that really made me go “hey, this man’s cool!” He’s blunt with us, he respects that we don’t waste time (dude, the kid is super active, there’s no contractions yet- yet!…., and there’s no funky stuff going on. i’m still working out- there’s my update and truth), he has a similar lifestyle, and he we recently learned he’s very big into learning himself about his field.

    So, yeah, I’m so thankful for the recommendations, the patience to find the right one and accept the med people for who they are, and that we have (and had) quality med staff in both states.

    I miss the compassion of our VA NP, but I know all is okay with the UT doc, too.

    *sorry for the length… it just hit a spot as we pray for our little lady to do her thing and the acceptance needed. :-)*

    • Mallory says:

      I’m so glad you found someone you liked after the move! I have the opposite experience with my first OB. She knew we were moving mid-pregnancy so I felt like she didn’t give us the time of day when it came to anything past the current appointments. After moving here and finding our midwife, I am SO much happier.

      It really does get emotional, doesn’t it?! They just become these very important, very special people in our lives.

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