30 Days of Thanks: Day 5

Our December 2011 trip to Scotland. The view from Edinburgh Castle.

Today, I’m thankful for the Air Force and the opportunities it gives us every day. Many of you know that the Mister is a pilot in the Air Force. Some of you know the frustrations I feel due to his employer. But with the not so great, there is the really great. A steady salary to help us pay our bills, put food in our belly’s, keep a roof over our head, and afford us the occasional treat. Health care, dental care, life insurance, and so many more grown up boxes are checked because of his job.

And then there is the fun stuff. The fact that we were able to travel to England and Scotland for a week last Christmas (and speaking of, I am thankful for Scotland. And England). The gym where I am welcome to any spinning class I want. The amazing friends we’ve made. And so many more extra little perks that come with being part of something so big – the military.

So today is a three parter – Thank you Great Britain, just for existing and letting this girl visit as often as she can. Thank you to the Air Force for providing a life for our little family. And thank you to my LT for working so hard, day in and day out, so we have these advantages.

xoxo, Mallory

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5 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanks: Day 5

  1. Mom says:

    I am so thankful for Mallory and Jonathan!! I love you two so much, the baby is just a bonus!!

  2. Amy says:

    December…2011? Right? I was just thrown when I saw the caption! I was all, “She’s going again! I WANT TO GO!” Haha. Also, amen. The USAF drives me crazy, but it could be worse. And while I know it could ALSO be better, I try not to dwell on it [which can prove to be a bit challenging at times].

    • Mallory says:

      You’re right! Good catch! I wish it was this December too…

      It could totally be better. But when I see all the “extra costs” people don’t think about when planning for a baby, and realize most of them are negated because of the Air Force, I can’t help but be a little grateful.

  3. Wendy says:

    At this moment I am thankful for a job opportunity that came through! After months of applying in a new state and with my needing to learn that I can step back, the chance of teaching what I love again is tremendous!

    I am additionally thankful that this area is very family based. As a result, when I told them about the upcoming she-wee-one arrival in a few weeks, it was met with, “oh, that’s so wonderful! If we call, just remind us, and we’ll definitely be in touch!”

    That response is a far and welcome change from where we used to live.

    (Friendly Reminder to Self- sometimes the moves that the hub make really are best…in more ways than one! 🙂

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