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Judging by the extra amounts of not so blingy bling I’ve been featuring here, I must be going through a jewelry phase lately. Today I’m focusing on the Etsy shop elephantine. I’ve actually been a fan of Rachel’s work (which she describes as “simple jewelry that can be worn every day”) for a while now. Probably because I do wear the same jewelry every day. And It’s very simple.

Rachel did an interview with Etsy about quitting her day job to make her jewelry full time. It’s so inspiring (not that I’m quitting my fab day job anytime) for people who feel stuck in a rut. I know lots of people who feel uninspired, bored, unchallenged, you name it, at work. Maybe it’s just that time for my generation… the time for us to be finding ourselves professionally, when we feel like we should already be there. Rachel is an amazing inspiration that you really can do what you love – with a whole lot of drive and passion.

I’m a big supporter of small businesses. I love Etsy for that. Supporting the little guy has almost always been more pleasant for me. If something doesn’t fit right, breaks, or just isn’t what you wanted, it’s a whole lot easier to get ahold of someone like Rachel than Mr. Tiffany. Plus, don’t you love the idea that you’re supporting someone who really takes pride in every single piece they hand make? I do.

I’m definitely going to be purchasing one of Rachel’s designs today… I just have to decide which one will be first. What do you think, the nova tiny gold studs, the alain in quartz necklace, or the dash modern fine silver band?

xoxo, Mallory

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