Bringing Home Baby

Am I the only one who can’t wait to pick out Baby’s first outfit? I am seriously frugal when comes to any kind of shopping, baby clothing included, but when it comes to that very first outfit, for some reason, I just don’t care how much it is. It needs to be perfect. Even if he might spit up on it, poop on it, or something equally as messy. Why do I feel like this matters so much?

Anyway, I’ve rounded up a few of the top contenders right now (they seem to change weekly) to get some opinions. Which is your favorite?

The two piece: Sweet and simple. Kimono opening will help so I don’t have to pull something over my fragile new baby’s head. Footed pants will keep his little toes warm in the cold January air. Neutral color palette means I can use and reuse this outfit for other newborns in our future.

The navy footie: Ralph Lauren, so obviously I love it. Footed, so again, warm toes. The navy with the white piping is right up my alley. I am a little concerned about the collar. Will that be irritating to a little one who can’t hold up his own head yet?

The hooded striped: You obviously cannot go wrong with navy and white stripes in my book, but this is maybe my least favorite of the three. The hood may be extra annoying to the little guy, plus there we’d have to go with socks… which are cute as can be (mini-socks!) but I fear he will kick them right off.

I’m not sure if the winner is in this group or not… but this is definitely the road we’re going down… What do you think? Does it really matter what I bring him home in the hospital in?

xoxo, Mallory

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17 thoughts on “Bringing Home Baby

  1. Mama says:

    #1 no 3 wait 2 ummmmmm I think #1 I agree with Annie

  2. Dang I thought I had my decision before I read all of these comments. I think my vote is number 1. Easy access to the belly to give 1,000,000 kisses to (for both you and me), you can take the pants off if you need to access the feet or wipe his little butt without making him all cold and naked, if he poops on it you can bleach it out (I think? Is this white or off white?), and it’s a Kimono which is adorable. Plus if you still want stripes get him a little striped white and blue hat. Lots of babies wear hats home from the hospital AND it will bring out his blue eye balls, which he is obviously going to rock.

  3. Wendy says:

    You have sound thoughts from others, and since we’ll be doing this in about 6 weeks for the first time, our plan looks like this:

    *We’re taking 3 outfits (all one-pieces) to the hospital as we don’t know how big our little lady will be.
    *We know the little lady has long legs, so the outfits are different sizes, as I’d hate to scrunch those legs for even a bit and have to have hub run out and get something from the dresser.
    *All of the outfits were free, so the “what should the kid come home in” selection was merely a matter of practicality. (We scored 2 yrs of clothes for free on Craigs List when we lived in Northern VA- just moved.)

    Good Luck and you’ll know what is best for you and your little man!

  4. My vote is for the third one. A onsie might be easier for him to stay warm and the hoodie can help with that. plus I always think of you when I see blue and white stripes, so this one seems perfect for your baby πŸ™‚

  5. Kelly says:

    They are all super cute! I love your taste in clothing- baby & otherwise. πŸ™‚ After 2 babies (with 2 different ‘coming home’ outfits), here are my thoughts- You’ll want something that gives easy access to the feet so when it’s time to cut off the anklet monitor you don’t have to completely undress him. Also, while it probably won’t be super cold, I’d recommend a one piece outfit because a 2 piece can slip & slide up when baby wriggles around. I don’t think the collar or hoodie would bother the baby much. Personally, I love the navy & white stripes so I’d choose the 3rd option but he’s your beautiful baby so YOU get to choose! One item that both my babies shared was the pair of booties I knit for Anna before she was born. That way each baby gets their own outfit with a special piece that they will all share. πŸ™‚

  6. Donna says:

    Ok just letting you know that I am voting for
    The navy Ralph Lauren because it looks like the one I brought Jionathan home in!! I loved him in that because It always brought out his blue eyes!!

  7. Precious! Onesies can irritate the umbilical cord. I think they are all beyond cute, but my vote is the first one. A two piece means if you have to strip your baby, you don’t don’t have to remove all his clotes, leave him cold and naked… especially if you are saying it’ll be January and cold!

  8. My favorite is the blue and white striped Hoodie for a few reasons. The hood will create extra padding for the baby’s head when held or in the carrier. I don’t think he’ll be kicking that much till he’s a little older and you’re right- mini socks are adorable! Also, (and this one has to do with symbolism) you have been writing a book about baby through your blog for almost 9 months and the blue and white stripe are similar to your blogs design. I feel it’s a way to bring baby from the pages of your blog to his new home. πŸ™‚

  9. Great Grandma Mary says:

    Mallory, I think all are great. I like the one in the middle. What kind of temperature will you be having down there. That may make your decision for you.

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