Explorer Adventurer Matey

Okay. We all know I have a passion for the interior (though, come on over to my barely moved into house right now and you may not believe it). I’m frugal + cheap, but I love to find a good bargain, whip up a quick DIY, and decorate. So when it comes to a nursery, I’ve been dreaming (and Pinning) for this day for a while. As soon as we found out this Babe is a BOY, I had about a million ideas, but they all seemed pretty cohesive. I was thinking Nautical Adventurer. Kind of a Moby Dick thing (even if I’ve never read the book). You know, vintage, dark neutrals mixed with some greys and whites (because I am NOT painting those walls) with treasures from the sea – think whales, sails, and adventurer maps. Something kind of like this:


And I’ve been all about it. For weeks now. I’ve been all about the nautical boy, and believe me when I say I’ve got more than a few pretty amazing ideas to go with it.

But today I had a thought to go a bit of a different way. A little more eclectic. Still adventurer. But a little less ocean and a little more lake. Something with a cabin in the woods feel to it. You know, plaid flannel, bears + moose, explorer type. Something a little more like this:


Now, obviously there are things I love and things I don’t love about both of these boards… and I would be going in a bit of my own direction with either room. But these are the general vicinities I’m digging right now. Of course, as I am writing this post, I have come across a pretty awesome compromise between the two. Ships + plaid. Adventurer + Explorer. Check it out:


If you were a baby boy, which room would be your dream? Or would you simply not care about much more than breast milk and whatever mobile I decide to create?

xoxo, Mallory

PS Just found this AWESOME kid’s decorating blog. You’ll love it.

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5 thoughts on “Explorer Adventurer Matey

  1. Great Grandma Mary says:

    How about the plaid chair (#3), dresser (#3), sailing picture (#3), adventure is out there and Slow Down (#2) and number one the lamp with twine on it? Just a thought.

  2. Mama says:

    I really loved the first one then I saw the other two and loved those too! But I keep going back to the first one, or the second, or hmmmmmm?? Lol

  3. Amy says:

    I love these ideas! They’re so masculine yet infant focused. Dreamy and still relevant to today. I love the direction you’re headed in. Keep us updated.

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