The flooding about 2 blocks from our house.

We survived our first hurricane. Hurricane Isaac. A category 1 hurricane when he made contact with Louisiana about 90 miles west of here. And one thing I’ve learned, you want to be on the west side of the hurricane. Not the east.

This being our first hurricane, we weren’t sure what to expect. We were ready to evacuate if the mandatory order came through. We had plans to go to Shreveport, LA. Then when those weren’t looking good, we were going to either shoot straight up to Meridian, MS or over to Fort Walton Beach, FL. We had a bag packed with all our valuable papers – and clothes – and we had one foot out the door. Even when the mandatory evacuation notice didn’t come, we were ready to leave at a moments notice.

We were also ready to stay. We had about $200 worth of groceries we could eat for years to come, even without power. We had our air conditioning set to 62 in case the power did go out. We had a bath tub filled with water, cardboard on the windows, and a boat, complete with paddle.

We literally did not know if we were going to stay or go until the last moment – when we decided to stay. And let me tell you this. It wasn’t too bad. For us. In some areas, this storm was worse that Katrina. We were watching people being rescued one county over. We were seeing flooding on the main stretch of highway here – less than two miles away. The weather channel, which was on constantly throughout the storm, was showing images of the rain and wind we were hearing right outside our house.

But we stayed dry. Aside from a small leak in one of our air vents, we were safe and dry inside our house. There was quite a bit of flooding on base, but thankfully, nothing too damaging, and I don’t believe any homes experienced flooding. The storm surge pushed more than 10 feet of water up our back bay shores, which encroached on the houses there – but luckily, even with his stalling over top us, Isaac didn’t cause too much damage to us. Or really any, for that matter.

The beaches need clean up and some people were not as fortunate as we were, but we made it through our first hurricane. I’m sure it won’t be the last.

xoxo, Mallory

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