Neighbor girls sharing a blanket (me on right).

Do you know your neighbors? Maybe it’s just because I grew up with a best friend next door, or maybe it’s the fact that our first base, Vance AFB, was filled with brand new officers all in about the same spot in their lives, but I’ve known a lot of neighbors. Become friends with many, had countless barbecues, doggy play dates, time just chatting on our back porches, shared Halloween candy, and even shared some pretty hard times.

Have I been spoiled? I’m beginning to think the answer is maybe yes. When someone new moves in on my street, I try my hardest to get over there to welcome them to the neighborhood, offer any advice, and usually there is a plate of cookies in my hands. When you move as often as we do, you meet people as quickly as possible. You scope out new friends. You know who you live by.

We moved into this house almost a week ago. I have yet to meet a single neighbor. Even just a friendly hello would be appreciated, as I know no one here. Jon, Duke, Calvin, and Pam (our housing specialist). Those are the “people” I know here. Like I said, maybe I’m spoiled, but man would I love to meet a neighbor or two.

I may be crazy. It may make little sense to those of you who don’t move like we do. It may even seem absurd to those of you who DO move as often as we do. I just don’t know… what do you think? Do you know your neighbors?

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11 thoughts on “Neighbors

  1. Do you currently live in Mississippi?!!

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  4. jillian says:

    We didn’t know out neighbors for a while after we moved here. And the neighbors we became close to moved a few months later. Neighbors and friends become like family when you move around a lot and don’t have biological family to rely on. And I want secret recipe cookies too!!!

  5. anastasiars says:

    I know my naighbors now!! I didn’t at that stupid apartment, but at this one I know lots of neighbors! One is from Michigan and worked at the same bar I worked at at MSU! Another has an amazing dog named Ren who is a Shiba inu and him and Santa are in love and best friends. I love neighbors!

  6. Amy says:

    Totally didn’t know any of our neighbors after we left Edwards AFB. Our first house we knew two of them but it wasn’t a friendly “know.” And the second house? One of my neighbors came over to help me with my lawn mower one day and didn’t say A SINGLE WORD. Although, one brought a housewarming plant. I never saw her again. Here? This new house? Aaron’s met almost everyone. I know no one. This is backwards, in my opinion. If he leaves, I don’t know anyone! Bah.

  7. I will gladly move in next to you for another batch of secret ingredient cookies =)

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