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Let’s talk baby clothes. There are baby clothes that are considered cute by our American culture, and there are baby clothes that are considered plain. I tend to err to the side of plain every day of the week. It is yet another reason why I belong in Europe. European miniature clothing is where it is.

Graphic tees. Oh graphic tees. I don’t wear “Don’t Hate Me Cause You Ain’t Me” or “This is my Party Shirt” tee shirts. I have a hard enough time wearing shirts that have my alma mater written on them. So why would I put my baby in a shirt that says “My Dad is stronger than your Dad” or “I’m the Favorite?” Answer: I personally wouldn’t.

I have nothing against this particular baby style. Nothing. It’s just not MY style. But when you walk into the baby section at pretty much any store, all you see is Graphic Tees in super bright colors. (Another thing I won’t do – dress my baby head to toe in bright pink, lime green, and turquoise. My baby is a mini human, and I’m going to dress him/her that way. When I wear bright colors, it’s layered in with lots o’ neutral. And THAT is how we’ll be doing it with Baby.) So what else is there?

via Bonpoint

There is this. See? No graphic tees. Colors done well. Mini-human clothing. All outfits I would consider putting on my body, or Jonathan’s body (well… maybe not the romper… but you get what I’m saying). Is there anything cuter than a baby who is dressed like a mini-human? At least in my book, there is nothing.

Again, let me say this, I do not think it is tacky, bad, ugly, etc. to dress your baby in bright colors and graphic tees. When else can you get away with it? But my style, like Jon’s style, is very classic, neutral, and simple. And since it’s our baby, we’ve decided to pass that style along – for as long as we’re still picking out the clothes.

xoxo, Mallory

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