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Happy Weekend!

Have a super refreshing weekend everyone! Sunday starts the flood of spreading the news… so we’re excited!

xoxo, Mallory

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It’s Hot

It is HOT guys. What I want to know is, what the heck is a pregnant girl supposed to do in this heat? Our move to a 1.5 mile wide penninsula between a nice big bay and the Gulf of Mexico could not come quick enough.

xoxo, Mallory

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Poor Duke. He’s getting the short end of this pregnancy stick. This first trimester has been rough on Mama. Morning sickness, exhaustion, and more morning sickness has meant the normal running/biking/yoga/gym routine has waned. A lot. Add to that the unimaginable heat of a landlocked southern state (I am a northern girl through and through) and the walks have become less frequent and much shorter.

So poor Duke hasn’t been getting as much exercise as he is used to. Not to mention the fact that he hasn’t had enough Doggy Play Dates since leaving Oklahoma. He’s bored. And BAD.

I feel bad for the guy, I really, really do. I know it isn’t easy to lose out on your regular workout routine. I KNOW. Just because I’m miserably glued to the couch doesn’t mean I don’t desperately miss my workouts. I do. And so does Duke. But all this pent up energy has got to go somewhere. So it goes to barking at Fred, the neighbor dog. Chasing his tail in the guest room. Whining instead of using his bell to get outside. Overall, just being a bad dog.

And I have no patience for it. He is driving me crazy. I’m home with him all day, and all night, and I am about ready to set him free. So today, I am reminding myself of the wonderful dog I have. The dog who protects me like his life depends on it when Jon is gone. The dog who listens to almost every command, even if it is begrudgingly. The dog who is sweet as can be, and just wants to rest his head on my lap. The dog who loves me more than anything.

There is good news! This week has been significantly less nauseous. I’m still exhausted, but not so nauseous. Which means, we’ve been incorporating a bit more power walking into our mornings. And next week… if this continues, we’re going to attempt a few runs again. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel Duke.

I’m going to have to lose the baby weight some way…

xoxo, Mallory

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Tiny House


Watch out Grandpapa, because we want to build a Tiny House in Montana.

Have you ever heard of Tiny Houses? I’m obsessed. OBsessed. Small, simply living. Efficient and easy. A cozy spot to land after enjoying the land. A small footprint. And a perfect addition to Papa’s land up in Montana… right?

My wish list for a Tiny House would be this:

.small. very small. big enough for me, Jon, and our kids.

.heated by a wood stove.

.a window with a view.

.electricity, running water, shower, toilet, sink, small oven. I don’t want to be camping.

.cozy, cozy, cozy.

.a big chair to read and unwind in.

.a perfect spot for a Christmas tree.

It wouldn’t be our everyday home. It would be a vacation home. And the best part would be the big house and the people in it a short walk across the snow covered land. What do you think Papa?

xoxo, Mallory

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11 Weeks

How far along: 11 Weeks.

How big is baby: A fig! Just over 1 and a half inches long. SO BIG.

Total weight gain: 3lbs total.

Maternity Clothes: Nope. Though I am in the market for a better bathing suit.

Sleep: I’m definitely sleepy – and sleeping well. So that’s good!

Best moment of the week: THREE babies born to three beautiful ladies! Two Eloises (what are the chances?!) and one Vivienne. Such great names!

Food Cravings: Dearborn Italian Bakery pepperoni rolls. Which just so happen to have been overnighted to me by my mother in law!

Food Aversions: Vegetables. And I’m really sad about that.

Symptoms: I am weepy, sleepy, and still a little sick. But I’ve got all fingers crossed that this will be one of the last weeks of morning sickness!

Movement: Still way too early for me to feel anything, but The Bean can open and shut his/her hands!

Gender: Still a while before we find out. But we’re both kind of thinking it’s a girl.

What I’m looking forward to: This weekend! We’re starting to open the flood gates of telling everyone…

What I miss: Red, red wine.

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Happy Weekend!

Have a lovely weekend my darlings! Hopefully I’ll have a little more energy next week to chat more.

xoxo, Mallory

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Scenes from the Weekend

This weekend we went camping. Arkansas is home to lots of gorgeous nature and DeGray Lake is no exception. It’s a huge, beautiful lake with a resort right in the middle. Great secluded campground. And no alligators (which, yes, is a concern around here).

We had to leave Calvin behind for the weekend, and walking out to the car I turned around for one last peek into the house and saw him sitting in the middle of the kitchen. Like a total sweetheart. Love that cat. Even if I do have to kick him out of my room at 2am because his kisses and cuddles are keeping me up.

xoxo, Mallory

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10 Weeks

How far along: 10 Weeks.

How big is baby: A kumquat (and yes that’s linked because I needed to google it too).

Total weight gain: As of my doctor’s appointment last Wednesday, I’ve gained 2 lbs since week 4.

Maternity Clothes: No shopping for me this week.

Sleep: Well, we went camping this weekend, which brought back the interrupted sleep. Still very tired. Still waking up in the night.

Best moment of the week: It’s a tie between hearing that heartbeat for the first time (amazing) and finally being able to tell the family yesterday! Moms, Dads, Brothers and Sisters all know they’re going to be Grandmas, Grandpas, Uncles and Aunts!

Food Cravings: Not much this week. Taco Bell is still at the back of my mind every once in a while (yuck).

Food Aversions: Still just about everything. Though it hasn’t been as bad this week.

Symptoms: Still a little nauseous – but we’re still better than weeks 7 + 8. And lots of tiredness. And a little cramping. Baby is growing!

Movement: Baby is moving around like crazy – kicking and bending those limbs. But it’ll still be a while before I feel anything.

Gender: Well after hearing the heartbeat SO fast – everyone thinks it’s a girl. But I still don’t know. According to the old wives tales, it’s a boy. I wouldn’t be surprised with either!

What I’m looking forward to: 12 weeks and telling everyone else.

What I miss: My appetite.

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