Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a wonderful holiday weekend – which meant, the perfect time to get out of town and do a little socializing with old friends. Jon and I packed up the car, dropped off the puppy, and drove straight to Dallas Friday afternoon, where we met a couple we know from pilot training at Vance (in OK).

It was a whirlwind of eating, swimming, talking, switching hotels, eating some more, shopping, and zooing – the last resulting in my very first time petting a giraffe. Yes you read that right, I pet a giraffe. And it was the coolest thing ever.

On the way out of town, we did a little shopping and Ikea, and decided on a chair for Baby’s room, then headed to Buy Buy Baby (which – if you’re pregnant, will be, or know someone who is, or you just love babies, GO THERE. best baby store ever) to try out a few strollers I’ve been reading up on. Low and behold, we decided on a stroller! Which we will be registering for – in case anyone needs gift ideas for baby. 😉

Aside from the morning sickness, changing hotels, and driving over 13 hours in one weekend, it was a blast.

xoxo, Mallory

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