In July, we are done with pilot training. Finally. After two years. We are done with mandatory 72 hour weeks. Extra studying at home. Night sims that go into the 1, 2, 3am hours. Working 6 days weeks.

Then we enter the real live Air Force. With it’s 24/7 on call. Trips ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. Deployments. Two evils, but I’m really not seeing a “Lesser of.”

But for three blissful, wonderful weeks, it will be Jon and me. Duke and Calvin. (moving trucks and new leases.) And a relaxing, warm, peaceful, quiet, well deserved vacation. Which, thanks to those two pink lines, has turned into a Babymoon.

You know the trip. The “It’s the last time we can go away just the two of us and not have to send Baby to grandma’s, or fly grandma to Baby, or bring Baby with us and borrow a crib” vacation. The “No drinks for me, but I’ll fall asleep in the hole my husband dug in the sand for me, because it’s the only way I can lay on my stomach” vacation. The “lots of sex, sleep, and eating grown up food, because that’s all changing soon” vacation. In short, the vacation that is so very needed after pilot training is finite. Give me a beach.

We’re debating where to go. Our original thought (before it was a Babymoon) was the Domincan Republic. It’s inexpensive, it’s pretty, it’s filled with All-Inclusive Resorts that have big pools and big chairs for this one to sleep on. Well the DR doesn’t have great medical care if something should go wrong, plus I can’t drink the water, plus Malaria. So my Dr. said no. And we agreed.

And now the search begins. We’re thinking Florida, California, or the Mid-Atlantic Coast (OBX, Fripp Island, Tybee Island). Give me a beach and a pool with a nice floppy sunhat and I’ll be in Babymoon heaven. Lets focus on Florida today.

Naples, Florida. Home to my grandparents. Also home to a wonderful beach, cute little town with a fun nightlife, and hotels with pools. Near the beach. I’ve been there, Jon has not. The only issue… it will be July (or August) and my grandparents will be in Michigan. A trip to Naples always means time to visit for me. It might be weird not seeing them…

Key West, Florida. Home to Margaritas. Also home to Mallory Square. In the Florida Keys, so it’s got the whole tropical vibe down. Which is a major pro. Hotels with gorgeous pools, a few small beaches, a cute little touristy town. Jon’s been there, I have not. The only issue… not many beaches. Now don’t get me wrong, I can lay in the sand at the playground, but what if we want a romantic walk on the beach…

Destin, Florida. Home to white sandy beaches. Also a three hour drive from our Mississippi home. I have heard nothing but good things about Destin. And actually, as we started to mention Destin, one of my favorite bloggers – Bower Power – announced that she just got back from Destin on, get this, their Babymoon. And it was gorgeous. Neither of us have been there. Issue? It’s three hours from “home.” Meaning, we can go whenever we want to. And probably will…

What do you think? I need ADVICE.

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