My Baby’s Daddy

My baby is going to have an awesome dad. The best dad. I’ve always, always known J would make a great father. He was 15 when his youngest sister was born, so he knows how to hold a baby, feed a baby, burp a baby, cuddle a baby, change a baby, love a baby. He knows. He’s done it.

But he is amazing me more every minute. Every word he says is perfect. There are times when he breaks into a huge grin and says “I’m so excited.” Does that melt your heart too???

I wouldn’t have minded much if he didn’t want to read many books about pregnancy, birth, child rearing. I really don’t think I would have. But the fact that he’s already pretty much done with one, and picking out more makes me tear up. In the best way. He wants to know everything. When I mention some off symptom I don’t even realize is pregnancy related, he explains to me exactly what it is. He tells me all about my first trimester. And my second, and my third. He is learning so much.

I’m not allowed to touch any cleaning products, raw chicken or eggs, anything that has come in contact with raw chicken or eggs, cat litter, ANYTHING. He does it all. Literally, at the grocery store this weekend, I went to grab the eggs, and he ran over and grabbed them from my hand. Baby shouldn’t be around uncooked eggs.

And he is spoiling me. Encouraging naps. Rubbing my feet. Telling me I’m gorgeous. Putting up with mood swings, with a smile, a hug, and a few reassuring words. Never mentioning that it’s the hormones. But smiling and saying “I know” when I explain it to him. I’m a lucky, lucky girl.

xoxo, Mallory

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