Knocked Up

So yes, I’m pregnant.

It took four tests to confirm that. Well, the first test was positive, but I was convinced I was imagining the line. Then the second test, again, positive, convinced me that the second line was an evaporation line (after 2 minutes). Then one more test, again, that second line was showing up too slowly. So we went to the drug store at 10:30PM and got the kind that says “Pregnant” if you are and “Not Pregnant” if you’re not.

And that’s when a little stick told me I am pregnant.

My brain is a racing mess of emotions right now. Elated, ecstatic, excited, nervous, shell-shocked, worried, and probably a million more. Mainly just excited beyond belief. In hindsight (and something I tried to remind myself on the frustrating days) it really did not take us long. We really, truly are lucky. We “pulled the goalie” in December, so to speak, and six months later I’m knocked up. I definitely consider ourselves lucky, considering what some couples have to go through to get pregnant.

Jon and I find ourselves staring at each other thinking “Now what?” Seriously… now what?

xoxo, Mallory

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