Perfect Preggo Pictures

Seriously you guys, look at this maternity sesh before you read another word.

Now that you’ve fallen in love like I have, how ridiculously amazing are these photos? I’m not usually one for maternity shoots, but this one I can get on board with. As soon as I have a human bean in my stomach, and he or she is big enough to be seen from the outside world, we’re going to the beach and snapping photos like this. You hear me Anastasia Rae? AS SOON AS.

xoxo, Mallory

Photography by Eric Warner. Courtesy of On To Baby.

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2 thoughts on “Perfect Preggo Pictures

  1. mrsgigantor says:

    Oh mah gawd. ;] I just became a fan of maternity shoots. By the beach. With an oversized hat. [Or not, because that’s not my style.] Maybe I’ll do an oversized sweater or something. Beautiful!

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