Weekend Recap

If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that I cannot be counted on to take, upload, AND edit photos in time for them to be relevant on the blog. Which is why I love Instagram.

Sure, it might be the lazy man’s way out. But my phone is a lot easier to lug around than my camera. And I can get the photos from Instagrid, without even having to connect my phone to the computer. So get ready to see lots of Instagram photos up in here.

This weekend was a quick trip to Shreveport, LA to visit great friends and their dog, eat wonderful homemade food, and oogle over planes at the Barksdale AFB Air Show. Visiting Dan + Jill (and Scout, of course) is always wonderful and this weekend did not disappoint. Plus, I snuck away to the Gap Outlet and got myself a pair of white skinny jeans. Score one for me.

We also had the pleasure of meeting a few guys from Keesler AFB. A crew of Hurricane Hunters flew up to Louisiana for the air show and let Jon and I up the roped off ladder to the cockpit. Score two for me.

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xoxo, Mallory

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