Today, I am thankful for…

_a husband who loves me, whom I respect, adore, and admire.
_a family who is always here, even if they are always far.
_clean water, fresh food, and a house to call home.
_the ability to eat sushi and drink wine this weekend.
_AM spinning classes at which I get to sweat it out to the Biebs.
_the surprise 7:30pm homecoming of the aforementioned hubs.
_hot, steamy baths.
_a fantastic job which keeps me busy in the best ways.
_working legs.
_an overweight cat and a loud German Shepherd.
_friends who live far.
_my Zee Avi radio station on Pandora.
_fresh tulips on my desk, even if they are drooping.

xoxo, Mallory


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