Paris in the Spring


There are two things I need more of in my life right now. Watercolor and France. I have been craving a getaway. Maybe because Little Rock isn’t exactly as fun as we had hoped (don’t get me wrong, I’m glad my hubs comes home every night. I’m just not so happy that when he comes home, I’m already asleep) or maybe because I am simply always ready to scratch that itch to travel the world. To see all that I can see. To experience everything, everyone, and every feeling.

We went to London + Edinburgh last Christmas. It was amazing. And it held me over until now. Now I’m jonesing for a sweet little cottage in France, on the outskirts of a nice, bustling village. Somewhere that I can walk into town and grab a baguette and work from a French café. Somewhere I can see castles and cottages. Fashion and farms. Somewhere I can shop at the market for all sorts of little French treasures. Somewhere I can relax, unwind, and be with my love – no distractions, just us.

And watercolor is just beautiful. My new favorite medium.

xoxo, M

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